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Episode 9 - Remembering Captain Chesapeake
November 01, 2016 House of Bankerd/Tracy Lewis
If you grew up in the Baltimore area in the 1970s and 1980s, you undoubtedly remember tuning into a small, independent UHF television station called WBFF-TV, channel 45, before and after school and watching Captain Chesapeake (George Lewis). In this episode we are joined by his daughter, Tracy Lewis Collins and family pastor Rev. Wiley Hawks to hear their memories of a remarkable man. You'll hear of a young man, who on his way to college classes one day, decided to keep driving, ended up in Atlanta, and launched a multi decade broadcasting career. You'll hear many stories, including his time in West Virginia as Mr.Cartoon, in Pittsburgh as Captain Pitt, helping start channel 45, and others. This is a must hear episode that features moments that are funny, as well as warm and touching. We at House of Bankerd State of the Arts Podcast would also like to congratulate the good Captain's granddaughter Jaclyn, who married her husband Sean McNaney this past weekend! Best wishes to both of you!
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